Charger Etiquette

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All members of our school must exhibit these ordinary traits of acceptable conduct and must properly represent our school at all times. Everyone will be held accountable for adhering to the Charger Etiquette.

1. Be Honest:

  • With Yourself
  • With Your Family
  • With Your Peers
  • With Your Teachers

2. Respect:

  • Yourself
  • Your Family
  • Your Peers
  • Your Teachers
  • Your School
  • Your Faith

3. Control:

  • Your Words
  • Your Actions
  • Your Emotions

4. Own:

  • Your Words
  • Your Actions
  • Your Emotions

Be Honest with yourself, Love yourself, Trust your Faith and Make Good Choices. CHOOSE TO BE A CHARGER!

You cannot worry about the things you don’t control. We ultimately only have control over ourselves, but we must learn to work together as a Team. This is why we ALL must have disciplined thought and display disciplined action. Be the best you can be and Together WE will strive to:

1. Childlike is Christ Like; Reserve judgment and Respect Everyone

2. Consistently give maximum Effort & Work Hard every day to earn everything

3. Maintain a positive Attitude through adversity and learn to Serve your community

4. Commit & hold each other Accountable; Be Courageous and willing to live the standard.

5. Communicate openly and Honestly with one another; Trust your peers to do their job